For me it wasnít easy giving of my time and forget about what I want for a couple of hours. When I started volunteering I realized of the power and energy one gets by helping others. Among the things that happened after volunteering are connecting with the teachers and getting to know people that Iíve been able to help with the smallest things like saying the right word or having a smile for them. But the thing I remember the most is that as I was volunteering I decided to meditate for my friendís dad (whom has cancer) and sent him a Pinchas. As surprising as it sounds, heís healthy and doesnít have the illness anymore.

- Orlando Mata

I've been volunteering for a month and it seems like a wonderful opportunity the Center gives us to push us forward in our spiritual work and be in an environment of light. When I'm working in the Centre I feel energetic, without negative thoughts, and I meditate on applying each physical action I do on taking it to a higher spiritual plane in my life. It's a great experience that I wish to continue living to feed my soul.

- Violeta Vazquez
Mexico City

In the past couple of years, my "movie" has changed in ways that can not be explained in a rational manner by my day-to-day initiatives and/or activities. I have received blessings that I did not know to ask for but that my soul deeply needed. I used to only have to take care of myself and feel that I could not really make a difference in the world. Through the Zohar Project, I have learned to work as part of a team, to care for fellow volunteers and make a difference in people's lives receiving the Zohar. In my personal life, I have come to care for my parents and friends in a way that I didn't before.My volunteering in the Zohar Project, without a doubt, brought about those miracles.

- Leah Thiebaut