I started to volunteer the first year I went to a big international event, and from that very point, I could see how much care went into planning so that everyone felt ‘cared’ for. Since that time, I have volunteered in the dining room, war room, as a mentor, as a leader.

The one thing that I truly enjoy about volunteering are those little moments that I would have never been able to be a part of, and that might go unnoticed by so many others. Things like watching the staff of the hotel hold up prayer cards for students with no prompting and then saying ‘amen’ at the end of the prayer, or getting an unexpected thanks from a student for knocking their ego down at the beginning of the event, or watching the joy of a volunteer as she is able to watch over a sleeping child during a connection or the personal transformation of those that I volunteer with go through. That puts inspiration into my own life.

That is what TeamKabblah is all about…it’s about putting our teachings into action…and is there any better place to try these things out then with your fellow students and teachers??

In my personal world, volunteering for the Kabbalah Centre at events and at the local study group level, it has allowed me develop teamwork and leadership skills that I am able to carry into my profession. I see those benefits daily in the way I treat my coworkers and my bosses. It’s not surprising that as I was given more leadership responsibilities on TeamKabbalah, I was given the same at my job. I instituted a number of volunteer opportunities at my office because I could see how this could affect the environment that I worked in…and you know, the atmosphere of my office changed…we were giving and sharing in our community…and it made a difference.

The most surprising things about volunteering how much more connected I feel to the event, to the group, to myself.

- Heather Worrell