Volunteering is the key to unlock the treasure box that holds miracles and blessings for us. Although I've been volunteering for years, it was until recently that I truly learned and experienced how volunteering helps me through my challenges. This realization began during the Israel trip. At the beginning of the trip, I noticed that instead of being thrilled I was in Israel, I was focused on all the things that were not going my way. This brought up almost unmanageable feelings of anger and frustration. Then Karen, in her infinite wisdom, shared on Shabbat that her family was blessed because they were so busy taking care of others, they didn't have time to think about themselves. This statement was a hand delivered message from God to my soul. Wow! What a revelation... I realized during the trip I was thinking ONLY about myself. So, I decided to apply the tool of sharing. I began to change my focus and look for opportunities to volunteer. Once I did this, those feelings of anger and frustration changed to happiness and appreciation. Then "suddenly" I felt I belonged, I was connecting with people, we were visiting Tzadikkim I so wanted to see, and we even got to do bonus stuff I didn't expect to do! The lesson I brought back with me is that sharing (volunteering) is the solution to any, and I really mean any problem. I feel angry, to fix it, share. I get upset as someone, share. I get sad, share. I'm worried, share. It is only through sharing that I can hope to truly work on my tikkun and realize the potential of my soul. And did I mention get true fulfillment?

- Esther Cervantes
Boca Centre