I took Kabbalah 2 with Ariel Grunwald on 2009 and started to really get to know the mission of the Centre. I didn’t know who or what are the chevre. Didn’t know about Shabbat or anything. I just felt like spending more time close to the Centre and with the people who spread this wisdom. One day I heard about volunteering and started in 2 teams: Zohar Project and Shabbat Set-Up. Starting as a volunteer helped me to ask more questions and come to more of the connections. Then I started to understand the importance of “cooking” before Shabbat in order to receive from it. Soon after I bought the Zohar, saw a big miracle in my family and one day I felt that I was wasting my time. Felt that I was working in the wrong place. I spoke to my teacher and today it’s been more than a year since I started working in Student Support. Being part of this mission definitely changes your life.

- Antonio Sarińana
Mexico City