The Kabbalah Centre’s Volunteer Program is the foundation upon which The Kabbalah Centre is built. It provides a safe and organized framework for students to discover the fulfillment found in sharing and giving of themselves.

What do Kabbalah Centre Volunteers do? The better question is, what don’t they do? You can find us mentoring new students, visiting the sick, cleaning up beaches, feeding the homeless, and constantly seeking out ways to be of service. We distribute Zohars, plan a host of activities in our own communities, and come together to make The Centre’s international events run smoothly. Kabbalah Centre Volunteers bring a range of skills and passions to a nearly limitless list of volunteering opportunities. But as diverse as we are, we’re united in our commitment to improving lives locally and globally—starting with our own.

Once our students experience the tremendous benefits of sharing they become passionate and enthusiastic about the opportunity to make a difference. This isn’t just learning Kabbalah. It’s living it.